What do I do if the mobile app is not operating correctly?

If the app is not operating correctly it is likely because of a temporary network problem or the online banking site is temporarily unavailable. Use a web browser and log in to your account at www.oregonianscu.com to verify the service is available and working properly. You can also *uninstall the app, power off your mobile device, then power it back on and reinstall the app* from the app store which may solve the issue. If it is still not working properly please use the Debug Log described below to report the issue or call 503-239-5336 to report the issue. Please provide as much detail as possible about the problem in your report.

It would also be very helpful to capture and submit a *Debug Log* of the issue you are having. Please follow these steps.

1. Make sure you are logged out.

2. Select Help from the main menu.

3. Tap the menu icon in the upper right.

4. Select Start Debug Log.

5. Navigate to the issue, making a note of the steps you took and any error message you receive.

6. Once you have encountered the issue, return to this Help page, open the menu and select Send Debug Log. This will open a pre-addressed email where you can describe the issue, report the steps you took to encounter the issue, and if possible attached a screen shot of the issue.