I have recently left my employer and need to rollover my 401(k) into an IRA. Can I roll it over?

Yes.  We will accept Rollovers from 401(k) plans into IRAs. 

If you already have an IRA at OFCU you simply need to complete the Rollover Request paperwork

If you do not have an IRA at OFCU you will need to open an IRA and complete the Rollover paperwork. 

Direct Rollover Request Forms must have the Employer/Plan Administrator information on them in order for us to process them.

These forms are available at any of our branches or you may request them to be mailed to you. Please call 503.239.5336 or 800.982.2974 or email your form request to us at memberservices@ofcu.com.

All forms must be complete in order to begin processing