What is NAFCU/PAC?

The National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) is a respected and influential trade association that exclusively represents the interests of federal credit unions before the federal government and the public. NAFCU provides its members with representation, information, education, and assistance to meet the challenges that cooperative financial institutions face in today's economic environment. The association stands as a national forum for the federal credit union community where new ideas, issues, concerns and trends can be identified, discussed, resolved.
NAFCU was founded in 1967 out of a desire by federal credit union leaders to have an independent voice in Washington that would focus exclusively on the needs and issues of federal credit unions. The association would have one specific overriding purpose: to directly shape the laws and regulations under which federal credit unions operate.
From 1967 until today, NAFCU has been a highly effective force in influencing legislation and regulation affecting federal credit unions.
An essential element to the success of any national association's lobbying efforts is contributing to the campaign funds of key federal legislators. Founded in 1976 NAFCU's Political Action Committee (NAFCU/PAC), provides contributions to members of Congress and candidates who support legislation and other action favorable to credit unions.
NAFCU's history, leadership and services are all geared to one objective: to provide federal credit unions with outstanding service to flourish in today's financial and economic marketplace.
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