Why did I receive a call from your Fraud Detection Center about activity on my debit/credit card?

Oregonians Credit Union has a fraud prevention program in place to prevent or minimize debit/credit card fraud.

The Fraud Detection Center uses individual card-holder transactions and merchant data to detect potential card fraud. The Fraud Detection Center may be alerted from time to time by attempted transactions that are considered out of the ordinary.

If the Fraud Detection Center has been alerted to an unusual transaction you will receive a phone call to verify that the transactions are not fraudulent. The phone numbers for the Fraud Detection Center are 800.262.2024 (live rep) and 877.253.8964 (automated). 

You will be asked to verify your identity by answering several security questions. These types of courtesy calls will never ask for your card number or account number. Please visit our fraud page for information on ""phishing"" and other scams.