Do you offer accounts to Marijuana-related businesses?

At the present time, Oregonians' policy prohibits providing accounts and services to marijuana-related businesses due to the enhanced regulatory and compliance burdens, costs, and risks involved in providing service to these organizations. 

This includes any business or organization that cultivates, processes, transports, distributes, or sells marijuana in any form or derivation as well as any business that may consult, support, or otherwise draw income from marijuana- related businesses.

By opening an account, each authorized signer certifies that the business or organization does not engage in any of the activities (directly or indirectly) described above.  Oregonians reserves the right to terminate services at any time without notice if we determine in our sole discretion that there is a risk that a business or organization is engaged in the activities described above (or in any other activity that we determine is outside its risk tolerance).  

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