How do I dispute a charge(s) that appears on my debit card?

All disputes must be taken to the merchant in an attempt to correct the situation. In the event that the merchant can't help, a signed letter from the cardholder must be sent to us at: Oregonians Credit Union 6915 SE Lake RD Milwaukie OR 97267 Attn: Card Disputes. The letter must include: Cardholder's name and signature, Credit Card Number, Transaction Amount(s), Purchase Date(s), and  Merchant Name(s), Explanation of why you are disputing charge(s), What steps have been taken to resolve the dispute with the merchant, Include copies of any pertinent documentation to help prove cardholder's case (receipts, brochures, proof of return, etc.) Please allow at least 10 business days to begin processing. The entire dispute process may take up to 210 days.